Chris LoSacco

My name is Chris. I live in New York City and work at Postlight, a product studio that builds software platforms.

I've been designing interfaces, managing products and running development teams since 2006. I try to build things that make people feel good.

At Postlight, I oversee the work we do for our clients and our product, design and engineering teams. Before Postlight, I was the Senior Vice President of Product at Beatport, where I led the team that built a new Beatport platform: Beatport Streaming, the Beatport iOS & Android mobile apps, Beatport Pro and Beatport Live. I managed to surround myself with an incredibly talented group and the credit is truly theirs. I wound up building this team at Beatport when SFX Entertainment bought the firm I was president of, Arc90. My full professional history is on LinkedIn.

I've been vegan since January, 2012. If you're interested in a vegan lifestyle (and really great vegan recipes), my wife writes the blog Leaves of Kale. Her Buffalo Chickpea Dip is legendary.

If you want to get in touch, I'm @closacco on Twitter, or you can shoot me an email at

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